Sustainable development

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Chart showing direct economic impact

Generating value

To ensure a lasting positive legacy, we supplement the value generated through our core activities, with initiatives designed to develop host communities in the long term, including investments in health facilities, jobs, skills, and infrastructure.

By employing people, paying taxes, and procuring from host communities and countries, we make our most significant positive contribution to national and local economies. These are our core business activities.

Our direct economic impact

In 2012, we paid: $14,861 million to suppliers, $4,776 million to our employees, $3,568 million in taxes, $2,236m to shareholders, $705 million to capital providers, and reinvested $3,412 million in the Group.

About 80% of our total supplier, employee and tax expenditure was in developing countries. Through the multiplier effect, the positive economic contribution of our operations extends significantly further than these direct forms of value distribution.

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